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best players top 10

Castle Fight Bot p1l1s

1. safokl 85 % (661)
2. firejiin 61 % (1094)
3. kattttttttttttt 68 % (840)
4. cop369 71 % (365)
5. ace.dia 80 % (595)
6. wolkerdota 70 % (357)
7. asmodei_911 64 % (1172)
8. karolovskis 58 % (543)
9. shpylz 81 % (4550)
10. faq-all 60 % (682)


Tournament Castle Fight 2v2

1. Sunus (170)pts
2. regis555 (150)pts
3. K_O_S (112)pts
4. narkiz (106)pts
5. exortas (99)pts
6. Vampirrr (92)pts
7. arbuzikas (64)pts
8. Giz (63)pts
9. Ugnius88 (58)pts
10. _PaneleGrete_ (53)pts


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www.warcraft3.eu News
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Invalid password2016-12-31

Unfortunately, after server update where was a configuration error. Because of it, all user accounts created after update till now was not able to login to the server because of incorrect password error. Problem solved.

Due to server update, and lots of bots hosting different versions, I made fixed version for bots.
Dear bot owners, please update your cfg's to be able to host on our server:

bnet_custom_war3version = 27
bnet_custom_exeversion = 173 1 27 1
bnet_custom_exeversionhash =
bnet_custom_passwordhashtype = pvpgn
Update to 1.27b2016-12-27

Server updated to 1.27b


Server will automaticly update your current verstion to 1.27b. If you having problems with your update please try re-install the game with a new patch.

Download Patch 1.27b English >> (War3TFT_127b_English.exe)
Download Patch 1.27b Russian >> (War3TFT_127b_Russian.exe)

For those who having troubles after a new version realease - fresh installer for 1.27b version.
Download >> (from 'how to' section)
Please let me know if you have any problems with installer.

Specific Changes & Improvements
- Bug fixes and general maintenance
- Raised file size limit from 8mb to 128mb.
- Added Script Verify to World Editor
- Custom blp files will no longer crash on Mac
Castle Fight !2016-11-05

Castle Fight bot p1l1s rank has been reseted. All new games will be calculated by a new algorithm. Please note that skills won't be updated at least for a couple of weeks, due to all players have to be ranked first. Enjoy!
Castle Fight !2016-04-24

Great news for Garena players, as I got established a good connection with it. For server maintenance it will be restared every day at 7:30 local time. Pro and Duel bots will start just for peak times.
Installer for 1.27a OUT NOW!2016-03-26

For those who having troubles after a new version realease - fresh installer for 1.27a version.
Download >> (from 'how to' section)
Please let me know if you have any problems with installer.
Update to 1.27a2016-03-24

Server updated to 1.27a


From this version you have to start using a new game loader.
Download loader 1.27a >>(w3l_1_4_by_Keres.zip)
Extract the game loader to your WarCraft3 folder.

Server will automaticly update your current verstion to 1.27a. If you having problems with your update please try re-install the game with a new patch.

Now we will support both - english and russian game client versions.
Download Patch 1.27a English >>(War3TFT_127a_English.exe)
Download Patch 1.27a Russian >>(War3TFT_127a_Russian.exe)

Specific Changes & Improvements
- Throw away that old PowerPC Mac in the closet, we've created a new installer to support Mac 10.10 and 10.11
- Improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
- Fixed a crash caused by Chain Lightning

Known Issues
- Windows 8.1 and 10 saved games are still stored in a location that requires running as system admin
- Some graphical issues with the cinematics are still occurring
- Changes to gamma settings will not take effect in windowed mode
- Cyrillic characters are still not displaying
- Disabled ambient sound while a MIDI issue is being resolved
- Mac 10.9 and earlier are not supported
- Mac build does not support the editor
WarCraft3 Patch 1.272016-03-19

Please do not apply patch 1.27, as it won't work with current game loader. I will let you know when will be safe to update your version.
Castle Fight !2016-02-14

Added some information about p1l1s bot.
Castle Fight !2015-12-23

Added new owner command - !resume. It can be used to unpause the game. Also did some fixes on votekick player mechanism. Enjoy!



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tournament winners

Castle Fight 2v2

npokypopp &  voix2ciel 2015.06.07
Myrmidon &  DaneSDB 2014.11.02
ChampK &  qpEHuKC 2014.03.02
kamilek &  F4RR3LL77307 2013.12.22
xektop &  exivious 2013.06.02
exivious &  Myrm1don 2013.04.07
narkiz &  regis555 2012.12.16
narkiz &  regis555 2012.07.29
VAGYDARNUOR &  Sunus 2012.05.13
aloys &  McDc 2012.04.15


Castle Fight 1v1

sd.warik   2016.05.08
Leremur   2015.04.05
123_OOO   2015.02.01
Leremur   2014.04.13
Giz   2012.02.16
exortas   2012.02.02
_PaneleGrete_   2011.12.08
JustinBieber   2011.12.01
JustinBieber   2011.11.24
Giz   2011.11.17

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