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best players top 10

Castle Fight Bot p1l1s

1. shpylz 82 % (4807)
2. scarlitex 93 % (814)
3. velka.tykev 89 % (1164)
4. wramen 70 % (2007)
5. mortalec 84 % (253)
6. danesdb 70 % (2085)
7. darkneth 84 % (231)
8. boriss 77 % (1069)
9. kazkas777 73 % (605)
10. asmodei_911 65 % (1272)


Legion TD Hell Bot p1l1s

1. the_phantom_34 76 % (836)
2. decibelo 87 % (394)
3. spatzi1989 80 % (813)
4. chairmankoala 83 % (504)
5. chi_truong 94 % (266)
6. 5kgchlapec 70 % (251)
7. noobvernichter 92 % (267)
8. czochrajbobra 77 % (388)
9. slash 89 % (271)
10. punani 89 % (211)


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Castle Fight !2014-02-28

I am very sorry to say, but it looks like "Alkar" server admin decided to block p1l1s bot on their server, because they could not follow the rules to keep their bots on our network. All players who was playing from "Alkar" server can freely join our server with they desired nicknames, if nickname already taken or unavailable we can transfer players stats to other nickname just let me know on the forum.
Castle Fight !2014-01-18

From today all players will be sorted with skill level:
Novice -> Trainee -> Recruit -> Competent -> Veteran -> Expert -> Pro -> Extreme Pro!
Once you achieve a new skill level, it will stay forever. Enjoy!
Castle Fight !2013-12-05

2v2 Castle Fight Christmas Tournament on Sunday, December 22, 18:00 hrs.
Winners will receive awards !
Register Now!
Castle Fight !2013-11-30

Well, I heard rumors what players still wondering how the new rank system works. I will try to explain as simple as possible. You probably remember the old rank system, it was basically working on players efficiency, the higher efficiency - the higher rank, and all it was tied to win/lose amount. But now even a new player can become rank #1. So the simplest explanation will be this:
If you win versus lower rank player, your rank will increase only slightly.
If you win versus higher rank player, your rank will become his rank.( for 2 vs 2 games rank will increase considerably more than winning vs lower rank, as it all depends on players rank )
If you lose versus higher rank player, you will not drop down by the rank.
If you lose versus lower rank player, you will go down by the rank ( how much it depends on how low player rank was )
Try always play versus higher rank players, and try not to lose to lower rank players as it will seriously affects your rank. If you want to become the best player on the planet , you can't lose to anyone.

Good luck!
Castle Fight !2013-10-29

I would like to introduce the new Castle Fight statistics algorithm, which will totally define the best player on this planet. So from today you have a true chance to become the number one player in the world. Good luck!
Castle Fight !2013-05-13

2v2 Castle Fight Grand Tourney on the first Sunday of June 18:00hrs Register NOW! Please note! Lithuania local time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours + Daylight saving time.
Castle Fight !2013-03-05

Castle Fight Grand Tournament April 7 18:00hrs at Lithuania local time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours register now, don't miss it!
Castle Fight !2013-01-01

Added new Category Castle Fight to our forum.
Castle Fight !2012-11-25

Castle Fight Grand Tournament December 16 18:00hrs at Lithuania local time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours register now, don't miss it!
Castle Fight!2012-06-02

Player rankings was implemented to Castle Fight p1l1s bot.



Tournament registration
Players list
Tournament schedule
Tournament rules

tournament winners

Castle Fight 2v2

npokypopp &  voix2ciel 2015.06.07
Myrmidon &  DaneSDB 2014.11.02
ChampK &  qpEHuKC 2014.03.02
kamilek &  F4RR3LL77307 2013.12.22
xektop &  exivious 2013.06.02
exivious &  Myrm1don 2013.04.07
narkiz &  regis555 2012.12.16
narkiz &  regis555 2012.07.29
VAGYDARNUOR &  Sunus 2012.05.13
aloys &  McDc 2012.04.15


Castle Fight 1v1

sd.warik   2016.05.08
Leremur   2015.04.05
123_OOO   2015.02.01
Leremur   2014.04.13
Giz   2012.02.16
exortas   2012.02.02
_PaneleGrete_   2011.12.08
JustinBieber   2011.12.01
JustinBieber   2011.11.24
Giz   2011.11.17

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