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best players top 10

Castle Fight Bot p1l1s

1. shpylz 82 % (4843)
2. velka.tykev 89 % (1232)
3. scarlitex 91 % (903)
4. lagomtgo 89 % (252)
5. farlig 88 % (265)
6. valentinkai1 67 % (2277)
7. scrappycocoo 84 % (207)
8. black_mamba 92 % (174)
9. oktobar 60 % (1348)
10. snowcatter 92 % (173)


Legion TD Hell Bot p1l1s

1. decibelo 87 % (1197)
2. slash 89 % (762)
3. the_phantom_34 75 % (1404)
4. burgerstikkeren 76 % (714)
5. raizinsec 72 % (576)
6. dirtyground 76 % (497)
7. lobbist 84 % (254)
8. feedthefools 72 % (1134)
9. venomer44 69 % (619)
10. sendres 77 % (581)


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Castle Fight!2012-06-02

Player rankings was implemented to Castle Fight p1l1s bot.
Dota Stats!2012-04-14

Dota Stats reworked.
Castle Fight !2012-03-19

Added Castle Fight online statistics to view real time players stats.
Updates !2012-03-07

Minor bug fixes and some updates were applied on our hosting bots in the past few weeks.
- Completely changed statistics saving algorithm, it means no more stats reset.
- Fixed lag problems with latency & synclimit commands.
- !akick command was removed from tournaments.
- Added win/lose stats to Castle Fight p1l1s bots.
Good news to Castle Fight players, this map & bots p1l1s become world wide popular, and now we have more than 25k people played this game with our bots.
PG 1v1 Tourney!2011-11-11

Only this SUNDAY will be the grand 1v1 PG Tourney, you could be a part of it, dont miss it!

From Today you can join Skype chat room and discuss about games, problems etc... skype:?chat&blob=9eXIrcPPvTkvt80qVR2UXIW4_53vPBRk-tvbV-gopEDNfY2BW2qyJWLnU3E5lDYAcCE>
Castle Fight !2011-09-15

New map of Castle Fight 1.21a has been released, you can download it from our bot p1l1s, also we made 1v1 -mp2 mode tourneys thursdays. Enjoy!
Castle Fight !2011-07-17

I am excited to announce that we are starting very first official Castle Fight 2v2 season in http://www.warcraft3.eu server!

The season will consist of one opening tourney, two weekly tourneys (up to 20) and one closing tourney.
Each opening and closing tourney will give a sufficient number of points and all weekly tourneys will give small number of points. The person who will have most points will be considered the winner of the season and his nick will be posted on the newly developed CF version loading screen. This system gives you freedom to have new partner every tourney but still makes it important to have the partner to be a good player. However, person must be quite active in the weekly tourneys to have a good chance to get to the loading screen because other person, who enters less tourneys but accidentally wins the opening or closing tourney may have more points in the end. This works other way around too =]

On the warcraft3.eu forum you can give you suggestions about the tourney, vote for the official modes, download cf version of this season and read more info
For those who have doubts about new version of cf may rest calm. This version is really legitimate, it have rewriten game engine, fixed chaos legendary - eraser and etc. You can check the old change log here (new one is still not out, but we can expect it in next week)
Download official tournament map here(Castle Fight community forum with change log).
There will be an grand opening tournament on 24th of July 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours), don't miss it!
Dota Stats!2011-07-16

Dota stats reset! Good luck!
Dota !2011-07-05

New points system was added to Dota 2v2 tourney games also. Good luck!



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tournament winners

Castle Fight 2v2

npokypopp &  voix2ciel 2015.06.07
Myrmidon &  DaneSDB 2014.11.02
ChampK &  qpEHuKC 2014.03.02
kamilek &  F4RR3LL77307 2013.12.22
xektop &  exivious 2013.06.02
exivious &  Myrm1don 2013.04.07
narkiz &  regis555 2012.12.16
narkiz &  regis555 2012.07.29
VAGYDARNUOR &  Sunus 2012.05.13
aloys &  McDc 2012.04.15


Castle Fight 1v1

sd.warik   2016.05.08
Leremur   2015.04.05
123_OOO   2015.02.01
Leremur   2014.04.13
Giz   2012.02.16
exortas   2012.02.02
_PaneleGrete_   2011.12.08
JustinBieber   2011.12.01
JustinBieber   2011.11.24
Giz   2011.11.17

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