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best players top 10

Castle Fight Bot p1l1s

1. shpylz 82 % (4807)
2. scarlitex 93 % (814)
3. velka.tykev 89 % (1164)
4. wramen 70 % (2007)
5. mortalec 84 % (253)
6. danesdb 70 % (2085)
7. darkneth 84 % (231)
8. boriss 77 % (1069)
9. kazkas777 73 % (605)
10. asmodei_911 65 % (1272)


Legion TD Hell Bot p1l1s

1. the_phantom_34 76 % (836)
2. decibelo 87 % (394)
3. spatzi1989 80 % (813)
4. chairmankoala 83 % (504)
5. chi_truong 94 % (266)
6. 5kgchlapec 70 % (251)
7. noobvernichter 92 % (267)
8. czochrajbobra 77 % (388)
9. slash 89 % (271)
10. punani 89 % (211)


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Castle Fight !2010-12-25

For the new Castle Fight season game modes changed, from now you must use -dr1 -slb -ur. Enjoy!
Ladder Reset!2010-12-25

Ladder has been reseted.Good luck in a new season.
Dota Stats!2010-10-26

If you have DotaBot with statistics on mysql database, your statistics must be added here for public viewing.
Automatic Tourneys2010-10-12

Tourneys time has been changed to 18:00hrs.
Automatic Tourneys2010-08-28

Fixed a bug allowing players to register any online username to tourney.
Fixed an exploit allowing a user to bypass a registration form and register players to tourney anyway.
Added a second player check up for timeout.
Automatic tourneys2010-08-07

So many players like to play our tournaments, but as you see tourneys admins not creating enough tournaments, so i decided to make tourneys everyday automaticly.The minimum players or teams count must be at least 3, to begin a tourney.

The new daily tourneys schedule

Monday 1v1 Tourney
Tuesday 1v1 Tourney
Wednesday 2v2 Tourney
Thursday 1v1 Tourney
Friday 1v1 Tourney
Saturday Castle Fight 2v2
Sunday Castle Fight 2v2

If you have any queries or comments about this, please do not hesitate to contact me, or just simply post a topic at our forum.

Recently, more and more people advertising their sites, so from today is strictly forbidden to advertise websites or their names, inside of the game lobby or by hosting a game or anywhere else.
Server Update!2010-06-09

As you noticed, due to server unstability, few times you were disconnected from server when you were trying to connect to custom game, so I had to update server version. The new version has a major change in clan settings, from now 2 persons can create a clan.
-- added /clan create/invite/disband subcommands.
If you find any bugs please contact me.
Server Staff2010-05-30

I am proudly introducing Woozie as a new operator. He just become one of the server staff members,and as i know he will try to get rid of cheaters in our server. Good luck !
Server Staff2010-05-16

Currently we are looking to increase our staff, if you want to become one of us mail me,and explain how could you help maintain server and wich position you would prefer. Only successful applicants will get reply.



Tournament registration
Players list
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tournament winners

Castle Fight 2v2

npokypopp &  voix2ciel 2015.06.07
Myrmidon &  DaneSDB 2014.11.02
ChampK &  qpEHuKC 2014.03.02
kamilek &  F4RR3LL77307 2013.12.22
xektop &  exivious 2013.06.02
exivious &  Myrm1don 2013.04.07
narkiz &  regis555 2012.12.16
narkiz &  regis555 2012.07.29
VAGYDARNUOR &  Sunus 2012.05.13
aloys &  McDc 2012.04.15


Castle Fight 1v1

sd.warik   2016.05.08
Leremur   2015.04.05
123_OOO   2015.02.01
Leremur   2014.04.13
Giz   2012.02.16
exortas   2012.02.02
_PaneleGrete_   2011.12.08
JustinBieber   2011.12.01
JustinBieber   2011.11.24
Giz   2011.11.17

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