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<b>Castle Fight Changelog
Official Castle Fight Changelog

Castle Fight v2.1.08 EU (2024/04/03)

Gameplay fixes:
-Possible fixed bug where ability "Adrenaline" was able to be applied to enemy units.

Please Note:
Map can be directly downloaded from p1l1s bots.
Or here >>>Download

Castle Fight v2.1.07 EU (2024/03/29)

Gameplay features:
-Temple of Restless legendary building rebalanced.

Castle Fight v2.1.06 EU (2024/03/27)

Gameplay features:
-Temple of Restless legendary building reworked.

Castle Fight v2.1.05 EU (2024/03/14)

Balance changes:
-Furbolg Elder Shaman's fixed heal bug, now it heals 400 hit points instead of 200.

Gameplay fixes & features:
-Only three Blast staff's require to be assembled to one Multi Blast Staff.
-Added ping notification when opponents buildings become visible in the forest.
-Fixed issues with multiboard.
-Fixed -emp1 mode, where 2v3 games did not had third builder.
-Added extra checks when calculating players for multiplayer mode.
-Added notification if user tries to use game modes which is incapable to be used together.

Castle Fight v2.1.04 EU (2024/03/04)

Gameplay fixes:
-Fixed bug when Stasis Totem was causing a lag.

Castle Fight v2.1.03 EU (2024/03/02)

Balance changes:
-Temple of Restless lumber cost reduced to 950.
-Temple of Restless Global Vampiric aura increase to 66%.

Gameplay fixes:
-Fixed bug where game icons was not render at all.
-Option to pick random builders without using a mode working as it should.

Castle Fight v2.1.02 EU (2024/01/31)

Gameplay features:
-Added inactivity check at round start. If player away, allies will be controling his builder.

Castle Fight v2.1.1 EU (2024/01/27)

Balance changes:
-Obelisk of light now has 3.3 seconds cooldown.
-Reduced to 1 seconds delay when using all mana for Well of pain.
-Decreased cooldown for well of pain to 4 sec.
-Well of pain mana capasity increased by 20.
-Well of pain damage increased by 40.
-Artilery damage reduced by 33%

Gameplay features:
-New Legendary building "Temple of Restless" for Ultimate builder.
-Map untied from p1l1s bot.
-Ultimate building descriptions has been changed to game icons instead.
-Duplicate icons was replaced with new ones.
-New modes: -ultimp2 to control two workers or -ultimp3 to play with all three.
-Modes: !ultimp2 and !ultimp3 adeded to p1l1s for simplified usage.
-Recommended game mode: -ulti, for 2 rounds -ulti2.

Castle Fight v2.0.41 EU (2021/05/03)

Gameplay features:
-game mode changed to a single round.

Please Note:
Map can be directly downloaded from p1l1s bots.

Castle Fight v2.0.40 EU (2020/04/25)

Gameplay fixes & features:
-Fixed bug where Legendary Troll did not gave proper income.
-Major bug fix where players was able to gain control over units.
-From now on towers can be controlled only by targeting enemy unit with right mouse click.

Castle Fight v2.0.39 EU (2019/06/02)

Gameplay fixes:
-Possible fixed bug where random unit was able to become an invulnerable.

Castle Fight v2.0.38 EU (2019/05/14)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Red Shield - if affected by Eraser, the shield will vanish instead of healing the units.
-Returned income notification.

Castle Fight v2.0.36/37 EU (2019/05/13)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Red Shield Generator was re-enabled and from now on it will also protect units from legendary building Eraser.

Castle Fight v2.0.35 EU (2019/04/30)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-multiboard units indicator adjusted to show only player units.
-maximum units on the map is capped to 750

Castle Fight v2.0.34 EU (2019/04/29)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Added "units on entire map" indicator for multiboard.
-Removed income notification, use -stats to see your current income.

Castle Fight v2.0.32 EU (2019/04/25)

Gameplay fixes & features :
Temporary for debugging purposes Red Shield Generator was disabled.

Castle Fight v2.0.31 EU (2019/04/24)

Balance changes:
Removed drain life ability from Visioneer, added Extra Regeneration of 5hp/sec instead.
Added 2 attack for Visioneer which is capable of dealing up to 100 Damage per second.

Castle Fight v2.0.30 EU (2019/04/21)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Added production bars ( testing only ).Un tick "show always health bars" in gameplay menu to see production bars.
-Fixed bug with icy tower.

Castle Fight v2.0.29 EU (2019/03/07)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Discharge tower now gives income.
-Builder will not be able to block legendary Hydra.
-Legendary Wisps will be attacking out of the forest.
-Fixed bug where Angry Hrimthrusa was able to resurrect.
-Fixed air units path.
-Adjusted side borders to be able to construct buildings on all available terrain.
-Removed ghoul corpse.
-Fixed bug when Visioneer was not gaining any heath from life drain.

Castle Fight v2.0.28 EU (2019/02/20)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Bug fixed where random builders did not get anything to build.

Castle Fight v2.0.27 EU (2019/02/17)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Fixed bug when Fire Element did not received power plant buff
-Fixed bug when ghoul was able to spam fire elementals.
-Buildings descriptions for Ultimate builders will be visible to allies from beginning of the round.
-New Building: Discharge Tower was added to ultimate builders pool.

Castle Fight v2.0.26 EU (2019/02/09)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Removed Frost Launcher from Ulti mode, as it was appeared due to mistake in the code.

Castle Fight v2.0.25 EU (2019/02/08)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Ultimate builder building descriptions will be visible to both teams after 2 minutes of round start.
-World of freezer now does the damage to structures in ulti mode.

Castle Fight v2.0.24 EU (2019/02/05)

Balance changes:
Visioneer hitpoints increased to 900
Visioneer armor increased to 8
Visioneer damage per second increased to 35
Visioneer unit size increased.

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Ulti mode now has building descriptions for each player visible to both teams.

Castle Fight v2.0.23 EU (2019/01/07)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Ultimate Builders now receive unique building sets.
-Artillery has been returned to !ulti mode.
-Gobbo Machinist range increased to 500.

Castle Fight v2.0.22 EU (2018/06/17)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-possible fixed a bug when buildings where staying on after new round. (1.29v bug)
-possible fixed a bug when leaving players was causing a desync.
-added autoaway functionality. After 4 minutes of inactivity allies would be able to play with your builder.
-away now preserves allies status.
-show sync is now default setting, if you do not want to show your sync notifications use -ss command.
-artilery and frost launcher are removed from buildings pool in !ulti mode.

Castle Fight v2.0.21 EU (2018/02/10)

Balance changes:
Increased hit points for twins by 100
Reduced bounty for summoned Treants

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Added hotkeys for castle items.
-Improved sync mechanism
-Added notification for incorrect synchronisation method.

Castle Fight v2.0.20 EU (2018/01/14)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Fixed assassins bug.

Castle Fight v2.0.19 EU (2018/01/11)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Fixed resurrection and treasure box bug.

Castle Fight v2.0.18 EU (2018/01/07)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Prolonged show time of stats after each round.
-Extended map size to be able to support up to 6 players.
-Added Ultimate builder to the races pool. Ultimate builder is the most unpredictable and powerful builder across all universe. It randomly attaches structures from other known races.
-New mode - Ultimate builders for everyone each round. Use !ulti mode selector at p1l1s bot.

Castle Fight v2.0.17 EU (2017/05/14)

Balance changes:
Obelisk of light now has 5 seconds cooldown
2 seconds delay added when using all mana for well of pain
Increased cooldown for well of pain to 5 sec
Well of pain damage reduced by 40
Reduced hit points for twins by 100

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Nature race now has a new unit - Visioneer
-Default zoom set to 2000
-Map tied to p1l1s bot for a while

Castle Fight v2.0.16 EU (2017/04/16)

Gameplay fixes :
-reworked map for 1.28a version, unknown bugs still may be there.

Castle Fight v2.0.15 EU (2017/02/25)

Gameplay fixes :
-fixed bug when ghoul was able to spam fire elementals.

Castle Fight v2.0.14 EU (2016/11/15)

Balance changes:
After couple days of testing the new Tentacles, decision was made to put back to a previous state.

Castle Fight v2.0.13 EU (2016/11/12)

Balance changes:
Tentacles will have invulnerable armor.

Gameplay fixes & features :
- Orb of Lightning to stock delay added another 5 minutes.

Castle Fight v2.0.12 EU (2016/10/26)

Gameplay fixes & features :
- Orb of Lightning will be handed as normal.

Castle Fight v2.0.11 EU (2016/10/16)

Balance changes:
Cyclone ability damage increase from 30 to 40
Orb of Lightning will be only defensive item(won't be able to shoot at enemy base), which will be available after 10 minutes of the game.
Also orb will be dropped randomly for picking up somewhere in the base.

Gameplay fixes & features :
- added kills count to the multiboard.

Castle Fight v2.0.10 EU (2016/04/26)

Balance changes:
Goliath will cost 400 lumber
Slightly increased movement speed for Legendary unit Goliath

Gameplay fixes & features :
- fixed bug when players was able to sync with enemy buildings.

Castle Fight v2.0.09 EU (2016/04/23)

Balance changes:
Elemental Of Water price increased from 160 to 180
Greater Elemental Of Water price reduced from 200 to 185
Mountain Giant price reduced from 510 to 440
Brood Mother price reduced from 250 to 210
Ancient Bear price reduced from 260 to 220
Keeper of the Grove attack speed increased to 1.2 seconds.
Maximum Shirine of Destruction damage overtime reduced from 8 hp/s to 4 hp/s
Shirine of Destruction maximum damage set to 400
Shirine of Destruction cooldown increased to 40

Gameplay fixes & features :
- New legendary unit for Mechanical race.
- Probably fixed uneven landscape.
- Added missing ability description for Greater Elemental of Wind.

Castle Fight v2.0.05/8 EU (2016/03/15 - 2016/04/03)

Gameplay fixes & features :
- another map optimization
- fixed bug when leaver was able to end the game.

Castle Fight v2.0.04 EU (2016/03/12)

Gameplay fixes & features :
- fixed bug with no builders at the game start (v2.0.03).
- fixed bug when the game was still running after the last opponent player leaving the game.

Castle Fight v2.0.03 EU (2016/03/12)

Gameplay fixes & features :
- another bug fix when players was able to avoid a correct game result.

Castle Fight v2.0.01 EU (2016/03/06)

Gameplay fixes & features :
- fixed bug when players was able to avoid a correct game result.
- time gap between next round was optimized.

Castle Fight v2.0.00 EU (2016/01/04)

Balance changes:
Twins hit points reduced from 700 to 450.
Water elemental prices will be: 140 , 160 , 200 gold.
Lesser air elemental unit will cost only 120 gold.
Fire elementals will cost 200 and 220 gold.
Greater Lightning elemental price reduced from 280 to 210 gold.

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Map update process simplified. It means I will be able to release new map updates faster than before.

Castle Fight v1.25e EU (2015 October)

e6 bug fix version
-fixed uneven landscape.
-fixed bug when players had more or les hit points when using a simplified mode selection.

Balance changes:
Master Of Elements hit points increased by 300
Holly warrior now has a bash ability and legendary spell resistance.

Gameplay fixes & features :
-New legendary unit for Chaos race.
-Frost Wyrm hot key fixed
-nfr and -it are deprecated modes now

Castle Fight v1.25d EU (2015 March)

d2 bug fix version
-Ancient Hydra will cost 725 gold and 1000 lumber.
-fixed bug when Holy Warrior was able to revive himself.

Balance changes:
Mana Generator lumber price reduced by 100
Ancient Hydra lumber price increased by 300
Elemental Rain type blizzard will do damage to structures.

Gameplay fixes & features :
-fixed bug when elemental tower was able to destroy own buildings.
-new command -ss, write it in the game if you want to see your allied sync notifications.
-Humans now has a legendary unit Holy Warrior.
-New mode: No orb mode -norb
-added automatic game mode setup for no orb mode to use inside of p1l1s bots:
!proo - Pro mode without Orb selected: -rr2 -ur -noai -norb -gld 45 -emp1 -skip
!bproo - Pro mode with Ban Race and without Orb selected: -rr2 -ur -noai -norb -gld 45 -emp1 -ban1 -skip
!mproo - Multiplayer Pro mode without Orb selected: -mp2 -rr2 -ur -noai -norb -gld 45 -skip
!mbproo - Multiplayer Pro mode with Ban Race and without Orb selected : -mp2 -rr2 -ur -noai -norb -gld 45 -ban1 -skip

Castle Fight v1.25c EU (2014 October)

Balance changes:
Mushroom cooldown increased 5 ==> 6 seconds
Greater Water Elemental respawn time reduced by 1 sec.
Elemental Of Wind price reduced by 20 gold.
Greater Elemental Of Wind price reduced by 60 gold.
Infostealer price reduced to 170 gold.

Gameplay fixes & features :
-fixed bug when elemental rain autocasting was not working.
-Frost Wyrm hotkey fixed.
-fixed Forest Troll cooldown mana showing.
-Northen now has a legendary unit Angry Hrimthrusa.
-added automatic game mode setup support for p1l1s bots. Use map modes inside of p1l1s bots:
!pro - Pro mode selected: -rr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -emp1 -skip
!bpro - Pro mode with Ban Race selected: -rr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -emp1 -ban1 -skip
!mpro - Multiplayer Pro mode selected: -mp2 -rr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -skip
!mbpro - Multiplayer Pro mode with Ban Race selected : -mp2 -rr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -ban1 -skip
!pick - Pick Race selected: -pr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -emp1 -skip
!bpick - Pick Race with Ban Race selected: -pr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -emp1 -ban1 -skip
!mpick - Multiplayer Pick Race selected: -mp2 -pr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -skip
!mbpick- Multiplayer Pick Race with Ban Race selected : -mp2 -pr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -ban1 -skip
!draft - Draft Race selected: -dr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -emp1 -skip
!bdraft - Draft Race with Ban Race selected: -dr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -emp1 -ban1 -skip
!mdraft - Multiplayer Draft Race selected: -mp2 -dr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -skip
!mbdraft - Multiplayer Draft Race with Ban Race selected : -mp2 -dr2 -ur -noai -gld 45 -ban1 -skip
!noob - Noob mode selected : -pr2 -gld 45 -nt -cc -bal2 -skip

Castle Fight v1.25b EU (2014 May)

Balance changes:
Mushroom cooldown decreased 8 ==> 5 seconds
Water elementals will have spell resist ability.
Wisp damage reduced 200 ==> 180
Ancient Pyramide cooldown increased 7 ==> 10
Knowledge of Elementals cooldown decreased 10 ==> 8
Maximum Shirine of Destruction damage overtime reduced from 16 hp/s to 8hp/s
Forest Troll price change - 100 less wood and gold
Elemental Guard Tower - boulder ability only.

Gameplay fixes & features :
-fixed bug when "East" team was able to build over wall.
-assassin's attacking order improved
-possible fixed bug when hydra was attacking with splash damage and hitting allied units.
-removed not working skill from "Master Of Elements"
-new orc unit: Infostealer
-new command -zoom which allows players to make a comfortable distance view. ex. -zoom 3000
-sync mode become default game mode, to disable sync use -desync command.

Castle Fight v1.25a EU (2014 January)

Gameplay fixes & features :
-fixed bug when meteor shower isn't working.
-new modification: -sync
With -sync mode players are able to synchronize units with each other. Simply by forwarding rally point flag to a building, or forward to any other place to cancel synchronization. After each building upgrade you have to re-sync it again. To synchronize successfully, all your and allies buildings must target building with highest re-spawn time. Synchronization mode works only with default income timer.

Castle Fight v1.24g EU (2014 January)

Balance changes:
"Shirine of Destruction" ability damage changed from 1000 ==> 800
"Forest Troll Trapper" armor increased 8 ==> 10
"Forest Troll Trapper" range increased 425 ==> 525
"Forest Troll Trapper" HP increased 1500 ==> 1600
"Fire Elemental" HP increased 525 ==> 625 and armor 3 ==> 5
Wisp damage reduced 250 ==> 200
Blizzard ability damage reduced from 40 dmg to 30 per wave.

Gameplay fixes & features :
-books of conjuration was splitted to air and ground abilities, and from now will not damage buildings.
-mode -nafk was replaced with -noai instead and now works as it should.
-fixed bug then the "Forest Troll Trapper" was not giving income.
-buildings hit by "Shirine of Destruction" will take damage overtime.

Castle Fight v1.24f EU (2013 November)

Balance changes:
"Forest Troll Trapper" HP increased 1200 ==> 1500
Troll Regeneration ability hit points per second increased 4 ==> 5

Gameplay fixes & features :
-fixed bug when special buildings was able to target Legendary unit Forest Troll Trapper.
-solved issue with Troll Trappers Ensnare ability.
-New feature: Four Blast staff's can be assembled to one Multi Blast Staff.( make sure you have an empty space in your inventory )

Castle Fight v1.24e EU (2013 November)

Balance changes:
Human "Artillery" HP lowered 1000 ==> 700

Gameplay fixes & features :
-Orc race has now a Legendary unit "Forest Troll Trapper"
-added auto back after -away command.

Castle Fight v1.24d EU (2013 October)

Balance changes:
Shirine of Destruction's ability damage increase 850 ==> 1000
Well of Pain's reduced mana capacity of 40 ==> 20

Gameplay fixes & features :
-map terrain modified
-added extra desctription for "Shirine of Destruction".
-fixed allies bug.
-bal1 now will be a default balance mode.
-corrected some units descriptions.
-added missing description about Greater Elemental of Wind.
-the minimum income timer set to 7 seconds.
-srg and srl commands removed, as it was for testing porposes only.
-added new command: -away can be used if you decide to give control to your allies instead of giving it to AI while you away from game.

Castle Fight v1.24c EU (2013 May)

Balance changes:
warlock's ability damage back to it's original state 250 ==> 270
Arcane tower damage increase 36 ==> 45 DPS
Greater Water Elemental ability liquid body pass through reduced 80% ==> 70% (correct upgrade description missing)
Water Elemental ability liquid body pass through reduced 80% ==> 60% (correct upgrade description missing)
Lesser Water Elemental ability liquid body pass through reduced 60% ==> 50%

Gameplay fixes & features :
-map terrain modified
-fixed bug when warlock was able to deal abnormal damage.
-posible fixed bug when "Shirine of Destruction" was hitting legendary buildings.
-"Power Plant" and buildings under "Power Plant" effect now has immunity to certain negative buffs.

Castle Fight v1.24b EU (2013 April-May)

Balance changes:
warlock's ability damage 270 ==> 250

Gameplay fixes & features :
-changed Monolith tooltip
-fixed bug when Lightning Elemental deals no damage to buildings.
-solved issue when after using -draw command was unable to use -nuke command.
-fixed bug when playing -bal1 mode players was dropped due to desync if anyone left the game.
-added notice if you win round without using rescue strikes

Castle Fight v1.24a EU (2013 April)

Balance changes:

Energy towers ability Energy Burst chance lowered from 20% ==> 15%
Monolith HP lowered 1050 ==> 800 (correct tooltip missing)
Obelisk of Elements price change 260 ==> 245 gold and from 600 ==> 550 lumber
Mana Generator price change 250 ==> 200 Gold
Shrine of Destruction cooldown decreased 40 ==> 35
Lightning Element armor change from heavy ==> light
Lightning Element will deal only half damage to buildings, and will be able to target only one building at the time.

Gameplay fixes & features :

-fixed bug when warlock was unable to deal damage to banished units.
-Mod -dom was fixed, it will work as it should.
-fixed bug when player leaves and "Rescue Strikes" become zeros in scoreboard.
-solved bug when share vision and allies control was lost after opponent player leaves the game.
-bal1 mode bug fixed when afk player stays as second human player.
-optimized map for testing purposes.
-released new version of map with 10 players.
-added new command -nuke. Made for late games to get rid of lag, can be used as many times as needed, all players must type -nuke to take affect.

Castle Fight v1.24 EU (2013 March)

This version is mainly moving from hacked map to source map version, as last map maker decided to donate the source map to us. Big thanks to Elf_Stratigo

Balance changes:

Blink range increased
Shrine of Destruction damage per hit increased 700 ==> 850
Energy towers ability Energy Burst damage decreased 80 ==> 60 - (correct tooltip missing)
Power Plant price change 1050 ==> 650 Lumber
Power Plant regen rate 0.25 ==> 5

Gameplay fixes & features :

- re-compiled and re-optimaized map
- Banish ability added to magic tower ruin
- fixed bug with gamemode bal1, when games did not ended after opponents leaving the game.
- possible fix desync bug
- new decorations added

Castle Fight v1.23a EU (2013 february)

Balance changes:

Ancient of Wonders legendary price change 600 ==> 650 Gold and 1500 ==> 1800 Lumber +
Removed Spell Steal ability from Elder Blademaster +
Reduced gold cost of Ancient Hydra 725 ==> 600 +
Increased Spell Resistance given by Obelisk of Wilderness 40 ==> 50 +
Succubus base damage increased 35 ==> 45 dps +

Gameplay fixes:

- Added bounty for "Call of Nature" ability +
- Totally reworked "Shrine of Destruction" +
- Game modes -ca & -ndb are default from now, use -nca to disable caging mode. +

Gameplay fixes:

- fixed blue shield bug +
- disabled auto afk check for now ( maybe later will be back to fix this to work as it should ) +
- possible fixed bug when game crashes playing mech vs undead +
- assassin's attacking order improved +
- renewed loading screen +

Balance changes:

Lesser Elemental Of Water - Price changed 190 ==> 170 +
Icy Tower - Chiling splash range affect area reduced -25 +
Ancient Protector - Splash range affect area reduced -50 +
Elemental Guard Tower (Discharge) ability - damage reduced 50 ==> 25 +
Hex ability - Move speed back to its original speed 165 ==> 50 +
Call of Nature Legendary ability - wisp damage 300 ==> 250 and range 500 ==> 350 +




2024.05.18 HellHalt Classic tourney winners - siop-- & newjeans & vaporinu
Tournament registration
Players list
Tournament schedule
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tournament winners

Castle Fight

rikz101 &  tyson
RingsOfRainbow &  rikz101
surtsey &  danesdb
DaneSDB &  hakai
Sundel &  Myrmidon
Nopeu &  DaneSDB
npokypopp &  voix2ciel
Myrmidon &  DaneSDB
ChampK &  qpEHuKC
kamilek &  F4RR3LL77307


HellHalt Classic

siop-- &  newjeans
DqVoLcHeTo &  Sunrisee
ponasbaronas &  159487
Dark_Side_Alpha &  evil21
BeyondHades &  DevilsSword
Oneloveonegame &  Proha[v.2.0]
BeyondHades &  DevilsSword
kokata &  decibelo
pepega228 &  pepega227
krasavchik &  oneloveonegame